Thursday, April 14, 2016

Embark With ''Memrise''

Let's board the ship for the best learning journey of your life. I will introduce a language learning app to you that can be installed and used on your mobile devices. Thanks to it's scientifically developed technology, this app enables you to have fun learning the language you're trying to pick up. What is the secret? Mems! They help to you learn a phrase or word in imaginative ways, they help you to memorize anything.

Memrise is a free flashcard style program whose focus is on memorization and repetition. It has high quality courses in more than 200 languages and you can learn 44 words in an hour. After you sign up, you come across a list of crowd-sourced courses. According to your choice, the app directs you to a series of activities. You’re given a word,it’s clear and concise definition, pronunciation, pictures related to the word meaning and possible contexts which contain the word. This part of the app is like you’re growing memories because you plant words in your memory then answer tests to grow them into flowers. 

  If you want to learn about some other topics and master on their terminology rather than languages, you can also find courses on such as arts,literature,maths,science etc. and related activities.

  Memrise makes the process entertaining, awarding you points and reputation as you learn and you can compete with other users as well,check your leaderbord rankings on all time basis.
   In the pro version of the app, you can learn more, enjoy greater variety and make %60 faster progress,actually. You can have unlimited access to all modes, insights and stats about your learning and personalised learning with custom difficult words and most importantly you can learn with videos of real native speaker’s people and enjoy the process more. 
    Personally, I prefer to be a pro Memrise user and my favourite aspect of the app is it’s provision of native speakers’ videos. I strongly recommend you to download the app, facilitate your learning process and be a pro user to benefit from broader opportunities the program provides if it is possible.

    You can find the app's review below ;

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