Monday, April 11, 2016

Be Ready; You Are The Teller Of Your Own Story


Bonjour everyone! You may not have met a storyteller thus far but you will hear the story of two storymakers very soon. Me and my fellow worker Gizem Okan have taken Digital Storytelling task this week and I want to share the process of our project in detail with you and make everyone benefit from this tiring yet entertaining experience. Let's take a look at how we proceeded ;

  • What is ''Digital Storytelling''
It is a relatively new term which refers to the interactive practice of ordinary people who use digital tools to tell their ''story''. Simply put, digital stories are multimedia movies that combine photographs, video, animation, sound, music, text and narrative voice.

  • How have we began and proceeded in the process of the task?
After we received the assignment, we decided to create a fictional story. For this specific task, first thing to do was developing 2-3 characters and create the setting, the sequence of events, conflict, climax and resolution. We tought over what kind of a story we were going to create then we wrote the script and created our storyboard. Animaker (an online animation maker program) filled the bill.
Before all of these, our recording was ready and we just brought all the stuff together by using Movie Maker. 

  • What kind of difficulties did we have during the process?
Actually, the task of creating a digital story is a challenging process all by itself. But there were some specific points in which we had great difficulty. Let me elaborate on some. Recording part took almost one and a half hour but it was much more easy than we had expected so I can say that it was like a surprise party for us, unexpected but pleasing. Because the script was mostly composed of dialogues and it was a must to keep the project shorter than 2 minutes, we had difficulty while creating the story. It always became prone to be a long story and we just dealed with keeping it short besides making an effective end. 

  • What kind of contributions the collaborative working made to the outcome?
 Union is strength! Collaboration made great contribution to our project. First, it facilitated the task and made us more aware of the available sources while searching for a practical animation maker program because we worked like two heads. Also, collaboration saved our time in no small measure. Creating a digital story already takes a long time but when we overcame the task together this aspect of the task stopped being a problem, it was no longer a problematic issue. When we work collaboratively, our anxiety level was low and the outcome was promising. As the saying goes; One hand washes the other and together they wash the face. 

  • How does creating a digital story contribute to the foreign language development of students?

The idea of creating a digital story with today's digital tools in education is spreading rapidly. Anybody today with a computer can create a digital story and teachers can integrate it to lessons and let their students to create their own stories and share them. It will facilitate classroom discussions and help students gain a better understanding of more abstract concepts.It will also stimulate students' higher level thinking. They will be able to give themselves a voice through expressing their ideas and thoughts. Such a work will also encourage them to communicate and collaborate and they will gain self confidence when they look at the outcome they create. It is inevitable that their other skills will also develop coupled with speaking and listening. Because this task involves writing a script and putting photographs into an order, it is much more than a simple interactive classroom activity.From this point of view, it should be one of the tools of every student who want to improve their language skills. If you, as a student, want to make difference in your second language learning process and go out of traditional methods to improve, digital storytelling is just for you. Make it snappy. 

You can watch the Digital Story below    


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