Monday, March 14, 2016

What's In The Frame and What's Out?

  You are on the point of watching a movie with your buddy and make your popcorn ball ready but somehow can't decide what to watch? What took you guys so long?
  My up-to-date project that was conducted with my coworker Gizem Okan aims to provide you with a film review on Wiki and gladden our audience with this new experience.
   Movie review is actually giving judgement about a certain movie without spoiling the end part of the story.In this sense, Wiki enabled us to collaborate in forming and editing the content of a website freely.
  This week's task was literally entertainment for us all by itself. First both of us watched the film 'Stoker' then put our heads together. What's good and what's bad? Actually, the thing that shines out in this week's task is collaboration. Learning is something students ''do'' with the cooperation of one another, it is not something students get as passive receivers of a process. We watched the film, formulated our ideas, came to conclusions and created a useful review for the sake of you. But it was much more than an assignment, Since it made it possible to eliminate the monotony and obviousness of an ordinary writing task. If you want to read the review, you can click here 

   As an experiencer of Wiki, it's up to me to say that integrating these services into classrooms will bring benefits more than meets the eye. It can encourage students for collaborative learning and interaction among the users. They are effective tools to convey information within a classroom. By this way students become online organizers and creative presenters. The most important feature of a wiki is that information should be easily accesible. Students will search the information and quickly find answers.

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