Friday, March 25, 2016

What Falls To Your Share From BBC?

Guess what came into my head while dealing with the question mark of the first question that has been following me since the latest post; What next? Your newsmonger is in charge once more! With this post that have just come out of my oven you will have a chance to achieve valuable information about an ELT website specifically designed for language learners of English.
I will evaluate the website considering your training requirement of learning English and give recommendations to teachers with some reasonable reasons.Interested?Follow me

 As part of the BBC World Service, BBC Learning English has been teaching English to global audiences and has been inspiring language learning since 1943, offering free audio, video and text materials to learners all around the world.

The team includes producers, writers and ELT specialists and you can have extensive knowledge about their qualifications and credentials in the section of ''Meet The Team'' with their profiles and you can meet the team, literally.
   There are three courses you can get with ease on the home page.These include; Intermediate, Upper-intermediate, Lower-intermediate.To set an example;
If you are studying English at intermediate level or thereabouts, you can get 30 units with 5 sessions in each unit.A new session is published everyday from Monday to Friday so every weekday you have new materials to study and enjoy. Each week new episodes of popular programmes like 6 Minute Grammar or 6 Minute Vocabulary, News Report, dramas, articles 
(available on Features section) as well as BBC original audio and videos are published by language experts for you to use interactively.In the Features section  there is also a video news product for higher level learners LingoHack which makes it possible for them to reach authentic BBC News every wednesday.Here also you will find Pronunciation,Drama,Words In The News sections.In the Pronunciation section, there are lots of activities and videos available to help you improve your pronunciation whatever your level is.In the Menu section, you can reach news, sport, weather and radio parts and you can take advantage of them by integrating them into your learning process. If you are using a desktop you can download audio mp3 files and pdf transcripts.

     The website is currently BETA which means they are still developing it. They will add new materials and features over the next few years.So it's planned to create extra full and short courses at all levels of English.

     BBC Learning English website aims to guide you through your journey of learning English with it's interactive tools as mentioned above so that unit by unit and session by session, you will be able to improve your grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and comprehension of written and spoken English. It provides multimedia English language teaching materials to meet learner needs. All courses are designed to work on mobiles, computers and tablets, wherever you are you will be able to enjoy studying English.
    There is not a date which shows when the site has last been updated but I rely on it's currency and up-to-dateness. Based on my observations, neither I doubted about the accuracy of the information nor came across any errors or broken links. Such instances are not likely to occur at a website of such a professional company as BBC, anyway.

   The site does not only make an education-based accompaniment for you through your learning journey it also appeals the target audience with it's high quality images and give the message to the target audience that they are taken seriously and respected. All images serve their purposes and catch learner's attention right from the beginning of new experiences with available courses and materials.

       This BBC site is one of the limited in number websites for me to recommend to all the ESL/EFL teachers and preservice teachers.No doubt that it will be a valuable web source and a technological tool for goal-oriented teachers and students to make use of. Because the content is media rich and the site presents authentic, up-to-date, real English needed for learners' development in learning English.
The site can be integrated in EFL teaching easily thanks to it broad sections of learning materials. Each component of the course can be studied on its own and this means the learner can choose the best way to study them by following a full course or individual materials which they see appropriate for their learning process. Teachers can set the sections of courses as homework assignment by deciding the right level of their learners and contribute their development with materials and available interactive tools. They can also make learners follow News Report and give written assignments, ask learners to make a summary of what they've seen or teachers can make learners follow the radio program and make a brief summary of what they've heard and caught from the native speakers' conversations. Also,teachers can lead students to use ''Drama'' section and want them to display one of the episodes in the classroom setting.Actually there is no limit for taking advantage of such a valuable and up-to-date website of learning English. It's up to you, creative original innovator EFL teachers and preservice ELT students !


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