Thursday, March 17, 2016

Reading Feeds With One Click

   Hey! If you spare much time online to check latest posts of blogs and websites you follow, it's likely that you are not familiar with RSS(Really Simple Syndication) feedreader as a way keeping up all the stuff. But what exactly is this technology? It is developed as a format to make it possible for users to view frequently changing content of websites. Instead of having to search each individual website and see if there is any new content, contents come to you in one centralized place. By using a RSS reader you can easily scan through each article and decide which ones are worth reading.
   A variety of RSS Readers are available and I use an online reader service, FeedReader. I just write the websites' names and add their RSS feed to the list of feeds the feedreader checks. As I regularly use the web it makes it possible for me to stay informed about latest content of the sites I am interested in, which saves my time. 

  My favourite blog that I also recommend to all ESL/EFL teachers and preservice teachers is Nik's Learning Technology Blog   
  Nik's Learning Technology Blog was created by Nik Peachey, a learning technology consultant and teacher trainer. It is one of the most useful blogs for educational technologies. It encourages educators and students to use web tools and technology in language learning classrooms and raise their awareness about educational resources. The blog contains various teaching materials, tips, tools and resources that teachers can utilize. They can find information on teaching English by using picture phrases, videos, animated vocabulary and much more. Peachey provides visitors with flexible tools to create online learning, explains what he likes about them and how to use them with students(create multimedia posters, combine lectures with visual notes, create interactive animated work sheets...) The blog suggests apps and activities to make lectures and lessons more enjoyable. 
  Teachers should follow Nik's Learning Technology Blog if they want to increase learner involvement and  reach ideas on how to integrate technology in classrooms. On the ''Free Downloads'' page, it is possible to download some of the articles and documents free of charge. They help teachers teach themselves to use technology and provides tutorials on how to use different web tools. It will be fun to explore Nik's ELT world. Take a look. 

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