Wednesday, March 9, 2016

PODCASTS: Music For The Mind

    Are you a recording artist hoping to have your voice heard by the masses? Decades ago, you would have needed a lot devices or a fortune to get heard. But thanks to the instantaneous access to the internet, dreams can become reality. Me and my fellow worker Gizem Okan is here to serve our dear audience with our latest project; Podcasting. 
    Podcasting is a free service that allows internet users to pull audio files from a Podcasting website to listen to on their computers or personal digital audio players.The chant we recorded for this project aims to serve young learners and it is also seen more suitable for them.
    What about the recording process? Let's read on...
    Let me give the highest priority to some difficulties we faced. Because we wanted to create a chant for young learners, the first difficulty we had while completing the task was about conveying feelings. As we wished to serve them efficiently, sometimes we had to record just one part of the chant recurrently. Besides that it had to have rythm and rhyme in an enjoyable way and we tried to make it being sentimental apart from being educational. When considered from this point of view, it was a weary process. 
   However I recommend all EFL teachers of young learners to implement chants in their classes. It will help children increase their vocabulary bank of lexical items and multi-word structures, their memorisation of longer word strings will be facilitated, it will increase creative uses of classroom time outside of the specific time alloted for ''English'' and it will give pupils more opportunities to practise new language skills. Use music for the mind and increase your classroom rapport!
   We used the fairytale ''Cinderella''. Cinderella sings a chant about her sadness upon not going to the ball held in the palace and The Fairy suddenly appears, consoles Cindirella and you will also hear what it says in a chant. You can find lyrics below.

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A ball was to held at the palace and while everyone was getting ready to go Cinderella, dressed in old rags, didn’t even dare ask if she also could go. She knew very well whatever stepsisters’ answer would be. The cat murmured and Cinderella sighed ‘’Oh dear, I’m so unhappy’’. Suddenly something amazing happened. There was a burst of light and a fairy appeared.
I’m staying at home to scrub these dirty floors
Wash the dishes and turn down dirty beds
While my sisters are going to the ball
I’m staying at home for cleaning up the hole

Don’t be sorry pretty little girl
Get me a pumpkin bring me seven mice
Do not forget that dear Cinderella
The mice you’ll bring should be alive

I was  dressed in rags and wearing torn clogs
Want to throw my old and dirty clothes
Thanks a billion you beautiful fairy
I just dont believe in this nice surprise                       

Please tell the prince that he would marry you
And be at home before the descent of the sun
Even your cat smiled and said:miaow
Your pretty face will be such a lovely gun

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